Sunday, December 04, 2022
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Sealed bids will be received on the dates and at the times listed in the chart below at the office of the Board of Tuscola County Road Commissioners at 1733 S. Mertz Rd., Caro, Michigan.  Bids are to be submitted on Road Commission forms in a plainly marked sealed envelope.  Specifications may be obtained below in a printable format or from the Road Commission office.  Please call the Caro Office at 989.673.2128 with any questions.

To be accepted, the bid packet must be completed and returned in its entirety.

The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and to re-advertise or to accept the proposal, that in their opinion, is in the best interest of Tuscola County.

                                         BOARD OF COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS   

                                               "An Equal Opportunity Employer"

                                        John Laurie, Chairman   

                                        Gary Parsell, Vice-Chairman

                                        David Kennard, Member    

                                        Julie Matuszak, Member

                                        Duane Weber, Member 

2022 Bid Results







Lewis Road Culvert  In Specs  9/1/2022  8:30am

 Specs File 1 Pages 1-20

 Specs File 2 Pages 21-29

Bevens Road Clearing  In Specs  9/1/2022  8:30am  Specs File


Chloride Sand  In Specs  9/15/2022  8:30am  Specs File  N/A
Liquid Deicing Materials  In Specs  9/15/2022  8:15am  Specs File  Addendum 1
Deford Garage Roof  In Specs  9/15/2022  8:45am  Specs File  Addendum 1
Grader Blades  In Specs  9/15/2022  9:00am  Specs File  N/A
Ackerman Road Grade, Base & Drainage Design  In Specs  9/15/2022  9:15am  Specs File  N/A
Belsay Rd Bridge Design  In Specs  9/15/2022  9:15am  Specs File  N/A
Dutcher Road Reconstruction & Drainage Design



 9/15/2022  9:15am  Specs File  N/A
 Federal Aid HMA Overlay Design Hurds Corner Road  In Specs  9/15/2022  9:15am  Specs File  N/A
 Federal Aid HMA Overlay Design Cemetery Road  In Specs  9/15/2022  9:15am  Specs File  N/A
 Federal Aid Double Chip & Fog Seal Design Cemetery Road & Hurds Corner Road  In Specs  9/15/2022  9:15am  Specs File  N/A
 Federal Aid HMA Overlay Design Bevens Road  In Specs  9/15/2022  9:15am  Specs File  N/A

If there are plans for a particular bid, they may be purchased at the Road Commission office located at 1733 S. Mertz Rd., Caro, Michigan, 48723 for a fee of $25.00 per set.  If you would like them mailed, the cost will be $25.00 per set and will be mailed after a request is made to the office at 989.673.2128 and a check is received in the exact amount.  Please specify either on the check or via a note as to what you are requesting so they can be sent to you in a timely manner.  Please allow mailing time.

If you are using the forms on this website to submit your bid on, please check with the office to be sure there are no other necessary forms required for bidding on a particular bid that may not be included in the downloadable bid packet.